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Pick 'n Choose LIMS

A Last Icon Maker Standing Community

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Select Members , Moderated
Pick 'n Choose LIMS is a new and unique last icon maker standing community.
community info:
This is a brand new LIMS that was created to let you show off your creative side!

Each Round, you will get to choose a celebrity (actor/actress/singer/sports star/whatever!) that you will stick with for each new Challenge. Each Challenge within the Round will have a theme for you to work with and base your icon submission on.

For example, if I chose Scarlett Johansson for Round 1, and the 'theme' for the first Challenge was blue, I could make an icon like this:

Sound fun? SIGN UP HERE!

general rules:
o1. You must be signed up in order to participate. You may do so here.
o2. All icons you submit must meet LiveJournal requirements; less than 40KB, 100x100 pixels or less, JPEG, PNG, or GIF only.
o3. This is a STILLS community, which means animation is not allowed.
o4. All icons must be new and unused. If you submit a pre-made icon, you will be disqualified.
o5. Don't post your icons anywhere other than here until after winners have been announced. It's very important to stay anonymous here!
o6. Asking others to vote for you, or voting for yourself, is WRONG. So don't do it.
o7. When you submit your icon, please include the IMG SRC as well as the URL. A form will be provided in case you aren't sure how to do this.
o8. Skips cannot be used for the first round or when it gets down to the final three participants. Other than that you may use them as you wish. If you don't enter a round, one of your skips will automatically be used, and if you no longer have any, you will be disqualified.
o9. Positive and negative votes DO NOT cancel each other out. So whoever has the most positive votes at the end of voting will be awarded People's Choice. A Mod's Choice icon will also be awarded for each Challenge.

Tuesday: New Challenge will be posted.
Thursday & Saturday: Reminders will be posted.
Sunday: Voting will be posted.
Tuesday: Winners will be posted, as well as the new Challenge.

*Everything will be posted around 10-11PM Central Time.

Layout credit to: milou_veronica